With your contribution, we transform lives

Your donation will be allocated to our Programa Fedutiños. Children and young people will receive psychosocial support to build their life project. They will also have access to training in music, technology, English, and skills in mathematics and language that will increase their opportunities in the future. 

I am friend of FEDUT

A friend of Fedut is a person with a big heart, who with a donation of just $30,000 colombian peso (equal to less den $7 US dollars) or more, brings us closer to achieving our goal of allowing children from low-income backgrounds to access quality education and contribute to their growth and development in their life project.

Support us with your donation!


I support with a Heroic Soul

A supporter with a hero's soul is a donor who contributes monthly with $50,000 colombian peso (equal to less then $12 US dollars) by sponsoring children in the Fedutiños program, enabling them to have access to music training, technology, English, mathematics and language skills that will increase their opportunities in the future.

Become our heroic soul!

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