Quality Policy

FEDUT is a non-profit organization focused on providing educational services, developing competent leaders for achievement and performance in the productive sector, through learning and personal growth in a model of continuous improvement and sustainable financial stability.


To consolidate the social-educational work in Colombia, with an international outlook as leaders capable of contributing to the continuous improvement of the social structure, through creating more leaders and dynamic education models.


To contribute to the creation of a better and fairer social structure for all through excellent quality education (body, mind and spirit), committing to the harmonious development of the country and promoting respect for the environment and human rights.



Love is our first and most important value. It guides and encompasses all our values. It takes Jesus as its point of reference, whose message is summed up in the following "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you"


Respect implies tolerance, acceptance of others with their values and limitations, valuing similarities and respecting differences.


This means serving others in a selfless manner, motivated by the conviction of justice and equality; i.e. to share efforts working towards the achievement of individual and collective goals. 


Equality means treating everyone fairly as subjects of rights, without distinction as to race, gender, religion, socio-economic, cultural or political status.


To fulfil with responsibility, love and joy our obligations, regardless of circumstance or place, assuming the consequences of our actions and decisions


Honesty means always acting truthfully and trying not to take advantage of the other, whether out of trust, innocence and/or ignorance

Our Hymn

In 2013, the foundation created its institutional symbols such as the flag and coat of arms to promote its educational work. To complete the collection, the anthem was also composed. Director Jorge Tchira wrote its lyrics and Eduardo Macías, one of the foundation’s scholarship holders and music teacher to the children, led the process of giving it musicality, integrating the singer Harold Cruz as lead singer and the children of FEDUT in the final choir.

Educational Entity Monitored and Controlled by the Cali Municipal Education Secretariat.

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