We welcome all people eager to learn, without distinction of race, gender, religion or political or social status, and people who want to support us in contributing to building a better and fairer society for all.

¿Who we are?

We are a non-profit organisation, created since February 1996 for transmit integral education of excellent quality for all people, and special, boys, girls and young boys economically disadvantaged


To contribute to the creation of a better and fairer social structure for all through excellent quality education (body, mind and spirit), committing to the harmonious development of the country and promoting respect for the environment and human rights.


To consolidate the social-educational work in Colombia, with an international outlook as leaders capable of contributing to the continuous improvement of the social structure, through creating more leaders and dynamic education models.

Institutional Philosophy

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Results July 2016

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  • 258 young people have started the work experience.
  • 156 were employed upon finishing the work experience
  • 50 were employed within the following 6 months
  • 6 dropped out of the course due to economic or family issues
  • 46 continue to look for employment with the support of FEDUT
  • 206 (80%) achieved employment within the following 6 months as a direct result of the course and work experience.


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Our programs

1.Current Programs

1.1.Supplementary specialised school day for the Fedutiños: Free school days for public school children, offering them cultural and recreational activities with an emphasis on bilingualism, values and technology, from monday to friday 4 hours/day, with the aim of promoting their all-round development.
1.2.Training for a job as an assistant accountant with an emphasis on IT: to make a positive social impact on young people with limited resources, linking them to work, improving their employability and reducing the risk of them becoming involved with illegal activities. Currently with the next courses:
1.2.1. Assistant accountant.
1.2.2. Assistant marketing.
1.3. Training for adults: offer practical courses that allow adults to have productive tools to improve their family and social environment.

2. Transversal Programs

2.1. Psychological sessions: offer help with academic and personal development and in the construction of their ‘Life Project’.
2.2. Cultural, recreational and health related days: with the objective of promoting dynamic cultural activities, health education and community participation, complementing other programs provided by the Foundation.
2.3. Family School: family workshops that strengthen knowledge, attitudes and values through the skills of the parents and their children alike, promoting participative education with values and healthy co-living.

Contact us

  • Address: Calle 46 No. 4D—07 B/ Salomia
  • Phone numbers: (+57 2) 4466101 / (+57 2) 3760256
  • Mobile: (+57) 3128286770
  • E–mail: fundacion@fedut.org
  • www.fedut.org