Foundation Education For All – FEDUT is a non-profit organisation with legal status No. 000155 as of the 29th February 1996 from the Valle de Cauca government and operating license approved by the secretary of education of Cali, by Resolution 0264 of March 26, 2002. The Foundation is governed by constitutional principles, state laws on education, and also by statutes, rules and administrative acts of the competent authorities.

The Foundation aims to radiate excellent quality education to the entire population, and especially to children and young people with limited financial resources. We achieve this through early childhood education programs, training for work and human development, education which complements current levels of education; cultural, recreational, health and community days; Family School and Commitment and social practices to contribute to building a better and fairer Colombia for everyone which helps us to achieve the peace that we so desire and need. The Foundation is inspired by a deep respect for the human being, spirituality and unpretentious religious or doctoral character.

Foundation Education For All - FEDUT is the result of an important process of educational and social work, running for 40 years. Initially its founder, Jorge Alberto Tchira Zapata and his family provided support through giving them books and scholarships, then from 1996 through FEDUT.

The Institutional Project, the Foundation’s substantive charter, makes explicit its Mission, Vision, Principles, Values and Purposes that support and guide its policies, work and development plans; the activity of the various stakeholders in the education community; and the relationships established with other organizations, whether local, regional, national, international, public or private.

The Institutional Project is the result of processes of reflection and discussion about the nature, meaning, purposes and scope built by the Foundation to consolidate and project its development and educational and social recognition which is led by the Foundation’s Administrative board and its professional team.