Institutional Symbols:

bandera fedut

Our Flag

escudo fedut

Our Shield

The meaning of FEDUT’s colours and symbols:


Represents the earth and the humanity which we must serve.


Represents the hope which we must never lose and which must always accompany us towards the Ideal.


Represents the Ideal and spiritual development which we must aim for and help others to aim for.


Represents Knowledge, Light and Truth which must bring us to spiritual development and the supreme Ideal.


Through Excellent Quality Comprehensive Education strengthened by Freedom, Science and Values, we try to push Humanity towards the Ideal of a Better and Fairer Society for all, where success is measured by the ability to serve others rather than on what we have. In short, a society in which everyone uses their knowledge and free thoughts (with values) with the aim of general wellbeing.

Institutional Values

graficos vinculacion en 02

Spiritual Love

Is the Foundation’s main focus which guides and governs its Institution's values. Take Jesus for example: ‘Treat others how you would want to be treated’. Love is the key that opens all doors and the first doors which must be opened are those of selflessness and forgiveness


It implies tolerance and consists of recognising, accepting, appreciating and valuing the qualities and rights of the people around us.


It’s treating others in a selfless way, motivated by justice and equality, it’s to gather and share individual efforts and resources to achieve individual goals of all members of the group.  "What is an unattainable goal working alone, it is possible to achieve for all, working together" (Cooperative Principle). Solidarity implies respect and tolerance.


It’s treating people with justice and as subjects of the law, without distinction of race, gender, religion or socio-economic or political situation, recognising that they have personal capabilities and support to reach their potential as autonomous and productive people


It’s fulfilling obligations with responsibility, love and joy, regardless of circumstance or place, assuming the consequences of our actions and without mattering if the outcome is adverse. Commitment implies passion, enthusiasm and transparency.


It consists of always acting truthfully and not taking advantage of someone else. It’s being honest everywhere and at all times.